mmm English Breakfast

Last night I got back from a two week (or fortnight) stay on the Isle of Man I’ll write more as I catch up with stuff and there will be more pictures.

In the mean time enjoy this English Breakfast :)

Of all the bars in all the airports…

So, I’m off to the UK at the end of the month.
I’ve made arrangements, all being well, to meet with an American friend of mine at London Gatwick to to lunch.

After much trouble trying  to align schedules we figured it out and he decided on a place to eat. Yes I’m from the UK, no I’ve never heard of this place.

The eating establishment chosen was a place called Frankie and Benny’s here’s what they’re all about:

"A themed New York Italian family restaurant and bar. From the clatter and chatter of the open kitchen, to the cosy booth seating and the bottle lined bar, it takes you back to 1950’s New York."

Really?! My first meal on my trip back to the UK will be at an American themed restaurant?!

Could/Couldn’t care less

Something I’ve noticed in my time in the US is the use of the phrase "I could care less"

I wasa raised saying, and hearing other people say "I couldn’t care less" surely that’s correct, right?

Contextually you shouldn’t be able to or want to care less. Therefore you couldn’t care less.

I’ve tried arguing it out with certain Americans and they swear by the "I could care less".

What do you say, think or agree with?

Do you even care?