‘Social Networking’ (outside the wire)

When I’m not at my computer (rare) I’ve been finding myself at the local real estate office.
Two doors down the street is an office that has been a part of Munhall for about…. ever. The fact that it’s a Real Estate office and occasionally some real estate is bought, sold or whatever  is really only a technicality.
During the work week at 10 am and 4pm (and before 10, between 10 and 4, and after 4) a group of local men of varying ages gather there to put the world, and each other to rights.
It’s like a daily roast for all involved. There are no holds barred.
It’s too bad that so few of the ideas born in the back of that office make it out of the door, surely the World would be a better place for it.

Oh, there is coffee too. Lots and lots of coffee, half as many do-nuts as there can be, a third of the muffins there should be and never enough creamer.

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