Could/Couldn’t care less

Something I’ve noticed in my time in the US is the use of the phrase "I could care less"

I wasa raised saying, and hearing other people say "I couldn’t care less" surely that’s correct, right?

Contextually you shouldn’t be able to or want to care less. Therefore you couldn’t care less.

I’ve tried arguing it out with certain Americans and they swear by the "I could care less".

What do you say, think or agree with?

Do you even care?

I live in Mayberry

Munhall, Pennsylvania. Just outside Pittsburgh (bordering on the City limits) home to about 10,000 people, 5 fire companies, part of the Waterfront, a large cemetery, and ummm well, it’s Munhall. It’s nice because it’s close to all the necessities. There’s the Waterfront, Mall, Sandcastle, Downtown, Kennywood and all that fun stuff.
Even on a more local level, on Main Street for example (yes, Main Street) there is a gas station, fire station, grocery store, pharmacy, card store, numerous tanning salons and numerous pizza companies.

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