Me and my body clock

Web Worker Daily and my recent UK trip inspired me to write this post.
I’ve never been one for that sleep thing really. even as a child I had sleeping issues.

Right now I’m getting tired early in the evening and waking up around 4 or 5 in the morning.
The good thing is that, with my line of work, I can do it…. whenever… (except for when I’m dispatching of course) then, when I am set to get a good night’s sleep you can almost guarantee that there will be a 2am fire call or something equally as inconvenient.

While traveling I’ve always found that it’s best to try and keep to my daily sleep/waking routine as much as possible. Well, as must of a routine as I normally have.

How is your body clock? how do you ‘tamper’ with it?


Could/Couldn’t care less

Something I’ve noticed in my time in the US is the use of the phrase "I could care less"

I wasa raised saying, and hearing other people say "I couldn’t care less" surely that’s correct, right?

Contextually you shouldn’t be able to or want to care less. Therefore you couldn’t care less.

I’ve tried arguing it out with certain Americans and they swear by the "I could care less".

What do you say, think or agree with?

Do you even care?

SNL: The year long period

I had to put this out there – mostly because it’s terribly, terribly true (in many cases)