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HeartBreaking: Wrecked B-2 Bomber

deadb2 I spotted this on Gizmodo today. The B-2 Stealth bomber is becoming something of a old bird but it’s still heartbreaking to see a 1.2 billion dollar aircraft wrecked like this.

This, by the way, is the aircraft that crashed in Guam a little while ago [see here]

Microsoft: "…disconnect from the Internet."

While installing the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 this evening I came across this:

("Download complete. You can now disconnect from the Internet.")

What on Earth possessed Microsoft to put this one in there?
When was the last time you disconnected from the Internet after downloading something?

Soooo 90′s


I live in Mayberry

Munhall, Pennsylvania. Just outside Pittsburgh (bordering on the City limits) home to about 10,000 people, 5 fire companies, part of the Waterfront, a large cemetery, and ummm well, it’s Munhall. It’s nice because it’s close to all the necessities. There’s the Waterfront, Mall, Sandcastle, Downtown, Kennywood and all that fun stuff.
Even on a more local level, on Main Street for example (yes, Main Street) there is a gas station, fire station, grocery store, pharmacy, card store, numerous tanning salons and numerous pizza companies.

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Well, I’ve done it. I’ve started another blog, because I don’t have enough already.

I guess this is more an outlet for ramblings, thoughts and anything else that comes to mind.

I’ve picked a theme, it took a while but I like this one.
The domain name wasn’t too easy. I asked around the Pittsburgh blogging community for some domain suggestions. Cynthia suggested I use my name but my surname isn’t too easy to spell and remember. Hopefully my first and middle works a little better.

So, why ‘AndrewAlan’?

Well, it’s my name, or at least part of it. Though known globally as ‘Andy’ I was Christened ‘Andrew’. Alan is my middle name, after my father.

So, read on. Maybe you’ll learn a little about me, who I am, what I am, what I do. Maybe I’ll learn something about you too.

Give me time, this blog might evolve some. I’m still getting used to WordPress 2.5 and I still have to get a few plugins to work and get the links etc. set up. It’ll happen though.