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mmm English Breakfast

Last night I got back from a two week (or fortnight) stay on the Isle of Man I’ll write more as I catch up with stuff and there will be more pictures.

In the mean time enjoy this English Breakfast :)

Of all the bars in all the airports…

So, I’m off to the UK at the end of the month.
I’ve made arrangements, all being well, to meet with an American friend of mine at London Gatwick to to lunch.

After much trouble trying  to align schedules we figured it out and he decided on a place to eat. Yes I’m from the UK, no I’ve never heard of this place.

The eating establishment chosen was a place called Frankie and Benny’s here’s what they’re all about:

"A themed New York Italian family restaurant and bar. From the clatter and chatter of the open kitchen, to the cosy booth seating and the bottle lined bar, it takes you back to 1950’s New York."

Really?! My first meal on my trip back to the UK will be at an American themed restaurant?!

In the still of the…morning

Right now I’m at the Dispatch desk, working a 11pm – 7am shift. 
I thought i was working this later in the week and had planed accordingly. I found out by chance that it was tonight and the new kinda threw my week for a loop.

It’s ok though, it’s 0230 and I’m not dragging too badly. Batman (the one with Jim Carey) is on TV and I have a can of Red Bull left and some Rice stuff to eat.

There’s something about early, early mornings. The still and the general….lifelessness of the peace and quiet that comes, at times, in the small hours of a morning.

It doesn’t seem to matter where I am or what I’m doing, there always seems to be times, at this time of day that remind me of overnight Ferry Crossings.

As a child I would travel to Liverpool (UK) regularly for various things and, more often than not, the most convenient crossing to board back to the Island was the late night crossing, leaving Liverpool (or Heysham) at around 11pm (or after) and getting to the Island around 6am.

Maybe those crossings have been my earliest experiences of very early mornings, thus my association with everything thereafter. 
Maybe it’s the pleasant thought of being on a Ferry, on the Irish sea, with the hum of the engines, the sound of the sea and the still and quiet of everyone around you either quietly going about their business or trying to sleep.

Still, I’m not complaining, it’s not a bad thing and it’s sometimes nice to reminisce.

Meet Andy Quayle – CEO

Just thought I’d let you all know that Tubu Internet Solutions is now officially an LLC.

That makes me officially a CEO.

Onward and Upward!

Oh, I’m looking for an assistant too if you know anyone who needed a few hours work per month.

Clothes maketh the man

Anyone who knows me know that I’m not terribly fashion oriented. I’m not ‘hip and happening’ and stuff.
I wear what I have and what is comfortable and functional.

I’m a firefighter, I think it’s a given that any firefighter has a significant amount of attire with station details plastered all over it.

I was downtown the other day, waiting for the bus to go home after lunch. Sitting on the steps of the USX building I heard a voice behind me calling my name. On turning around who should I find but Lokay!

Firstly, it’s nice to be the one being approached, it seems too be happening less and less these days for some reason, also it’s nice to be approached and spoken to by the Lokay!

The clothes part comes in here – he saw me sitting there, thought it was me but needed confirmation. The "Munhall Volunteer Firefighter" t-shirt confirmed it.

Do you have clothes that identify you as you or a part of a group?

Doin’ Dishes

So, about two years ago, when moving into this apartment I was excited to see a dishwasher in the kitchen. The Landlord looked at it and gave me a "oh, that thing? I don’t even know if it works."
I think I tried to turn it on once but never paid the thing much attention. It quietly sat in the kitchen, not doing dishes until today.

I was on the phone to dad, complaining about the amount of dishes, left in the sink, for me to take care of. I termed them "the devils dishes". It wasn’t a pretty sight.

He suggested that I get a dishwasher (they have one over there) to which I replied "I have one!" we then explored whether the thing works or not.

After some tinkering and turning the water on in the basement I can proudly, very happily state that I am sitting here on the couch doing the dishes.

However, this dishwasher is practically as old as the hills. The manual that was sitting in the machine was printed in 1987. What’s nice though is that there’s a coupon for 50 cents off ‘Sunlight’. I might frame it and keep pit as one of the oldest coupons around.

I think I’ll running the machine under supervision for a while just to make sure it doesn’t blow up or something though.

Already it’s making life easier and saving water!

‘m loving doing the dishes!

Official: She’s just plain sexy!!

This isn’t news to me but TV Guide has voted Jennifer Love Hewitt TV’s Sexists Woman.

I’m a fan, I’ll make no secret of that. She’s gorgeous!

It’s not all about here chest either (as PittGirl seems to focus on). To me, she’s one of those woman who there is just that…je ne sais quoi. It’s all about deportment, character and how carries oneself.

Do you agree with TV Guide? ho do you think is TV’s Sexiest Woman?

Thanks to PittGirl at the Burgh Blog for bringing this fact to my attention this morning.

“What did you do today?”

I thought this warranted another post.

Alex asked me last night "What did you do today?". It’s a simple enough question, you’d think.

It happens that yesterday I didn’t do a lot. Right now I’m dispatching a fire call.

I don’t have a typical life, to say the least. I don’t have a ’9 – 5′ job, I haven’t had one since February of 2007, that’s when I decided to take a leap and focus on my companies. It worked, for the most part.

I reallydon’t have a typical day, that’s for sure.  The most regular thing I do is coffee with the guys when I can (my offline social networking).

A day for me consists of typical activities set to no particular schedule. Thusly:

  • Email of course. My email is open whenever I’m near a computer. Lots of you know I can be a speedy responder.
  • Blog Reading. My Google Reader gets crazy but there are blogs in there that I read on a (nearly) daily basis.
  • Blog Writing. This has been getting a little lax of late but it’s getting better. I try to post something to one of my blogs at least daily.
  • Twitter. I try to check in on Twitter when I can during the day. Mostly to say "Hi" and catch up on happenings.
  • Coffee at the Real Estate office (around 10am and around 4pm)

Working at the Police Dispatch desk and random fire calls often mess up my ‘schedule’.  Meetings add something different to some days too.

What did you do today? Are there things you have to do on a daily basis?

SNL: The year long period

I had to put this out there – mostly because it’s terribly, terribly true (in many cases)

Social Location – the possibilities

Pittsburgh, PAWhile traveling in the UK Dad would spot a Manx License plate somewhere and leave a note on the windshield saying "hi" Random and kind of weird but I hope it would have made a few people smile.

I’ll never forget, during one of many fire company related classes we were discussing ‘Tot Finder’ stickers. You know, the ones that you see in Windows so that firefighters know there is a child in that room in case of emergency. They’re good and bad. People know there is a child in that room, at the same time people know there is a child in that room.

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