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Tynwald Day comes streaming to the Web (Isle of Man tech news)

You may or may not know that I was born and raised on the Isle of Man. Yes, I’m a Manxman by birth.
The Isle of Man has a very strong history and every year, usually on July 5th it celebrates its national day.

There’s a lot to it and you can learn a lot more at the links below (and of course by watching the video above on the day) but essentially the earliest recorded instance of the Tynwald Day ceremony was on 1417.
Tynwald is the name of the Manx legislature and July 5th is the day on which the Manx Government meets with other dignitaries and occasionally members of the Royal Family.

The Manx laws are reviewed, petitions are received. Everything during the ceremony is read in Manx and English.

Its history and worth a look in on.

Naturally I was very excited to hear that the good old BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) will be streaming the Tynwald Day events online, even better, they’re encouraging other people to embed the stream!
I love it when technology is used to bring events to the masses, especially with an event as old and with as much history as The Isle of Man and Tynwald Day has.

Be sure to check this page and the feed on July 5th at 3pm GMT


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