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Not liking the ButterMilk (Bonnag)

In the 1800′s people on the Isle of Man ate a bread called Bonnag.
It’s a simple, yet tasty bread. It had to be simple really – there weren’t a lot of kitchen conveniences on the Island in the 1800′s.

It’s made with buttermilk though.
Apparently the Manx farmer families would drink Buttermilk straight.
Wanting to make some Bonnag sometime soon I bought some Buttermilk and tried it.. straight…as soon as I got home. I don’t know how ‘my people’ did it! it’s sooo rank tasting!

Bonnag is still great stuff though. Here are the ingredients as per Read the rest of this entry »

Me and my body clock

Web Worker Daily and my recent UK trip inspired me to write this post.
I’ve never been one for that sleep thing really. even as a child I had sleeping issues.

Right now I’m getting tired early in the evening and waking up around 4 or 5 in the morning.
The good thing is that, with my line of work, I can do it…. whenever… (except for when I’m dispatching of course) then, when I am set to get a good night’s sleep you can almost guarantee that there will be a 2am fire call or something equally as inconvenient.

While traveling I’ve always found that it’s best to try and keep to my daily sleep/waking routine as much as possible. Well, as must of a routine as I normally have.

How is your body clock? how do you ‘tamper’ with it?


mmm English Breakfast

Last night I got back from a two week (or fortnight) stay on the Isle of Man I’ll write more as I catch up with stuff and there will be more pictures.

In the mean time enjoy this English Breakfast :)