Doin’ Dishes

So, about two years ago, when moving into this apartment I was excited to see a dishwasher in the kitchen. The Landlord looked at it and gave me a "oh, that thing? I don’t even know if it works."
I think I tried to turn it on once but never paid the thing much attention. It quietly sat in the kitchen, not doing dishes until today.

I was on the phone to dad, complaining about the amount of dishes, left in the sink, for me to take care of. I termed them "the devils dishes". It wasn’t a pretty sight.

He suggested that I get a dishwasher (they have one over there) to which I replied "I have one!" we then explored whether the thing works or not.

After some tinkering and turning the water on in the basement I can proudly, very happily state that I am sitting here on the couch doing the dishes.

However, this dishwasher is practically as old as the hills. The manual that was sitting in the machine was printed in 1987. What’s nice though is that there’s a coupon for 50 cents off ‘Sunlight’. I might frame it and keep pit as one of the oldest coupons around.

I think I’ll running the machine under supervision for a while just to make sure it doesn’t blow up or something though.

Already it’s making life easier and saving water!

‘m loving doing the dishes!

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