Darkness Falls

I agree with one of the previous reviews. Yes, it starts out slow but give it a chance.
Also, look for the computer stuff at the end. The bank transaction screens. I made them!! (lol, sorry, I’m proud of it at least)


Saw this in the theatre and really thought it sucked.
Not only is it completely inaccurate but it”s just plain wrong and paints horrid pictures of a number of cultures.

Alone in a Haunted House

Sorry – this was kinda pitiful.
He tried to make something (a lot of somethings) out of a lot less than nothing.
I’ve seen MTV do better haunted documentaries than this.
DOn’t waste your time.

The Power of One

Deep and horribly historically accurate.
One of my favorites.
Everyone should watch this movie – it might hake the World a better, more understanding place.
We should all know more about our history, culture and what has happened/is happening in other parts of the World.


Interesting in it’s own way. It’s not quite how the cover sells it.
It’s more thoughtful than in should be I think.
I enjoyed it because it’s one of those ‘nice’ movies.

Seven Pounds

Wow, what a movie!
I have to admit, I spent most of the movie thinking “huh?” but as the movie progressed the story came together in my mind.
Seven Pounds is one of these movies that makes you think and end up thinking wow – could I? Would I?

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Terribly predictable, it would seem that the funny parts were all in the trailers.
It’s actually good though, it’s funny with a feel good factor.


wow – effects are amazing.
Sadly, not the ending that I saw coming or would have hoped for.

The Proposal

Loved it!
I’m a big Sandra Bullock fan. Betty White was awesome.
This is ‘nice’ movie that you can get lost in and laugh along with.
Well worth renting even if it’s just to see Betty in the extras.


Not as action packed as I thought it would be – which is a good thing actually.
Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast do a fine job.